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Mold Testing

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If you suspect that mold is already growing inside of your home or business and a mold inspection has come up with evidence, the next step is to do mold testing. Many people rely on home mold testing kits that are infamously inaccurate and unable to adequately present the full picture of what is going on. If you are concerned with the scope and breadth of the problem, the best course of action is to contact our professionals who can do the best mold testing in Charlotte, NC.


Types of Testing

There are a few options when it comes to doing mold testing. The most common way is to do air sampling, which involves taking a control sample from outside the home and a test sample from within to make a comparison between the two and deduce if there is an elevated mold count inside. Another method is the lift tape sample; a section of tape is adhered to an area with mold present and then lifted up to be placed on a glass slide and sent to a laboratory for analysis. If you want to determine which type of mold you may have, a tape swab test is used- this involves using a cotton swab to swipe the mold and package it up for sending to a lab to determine which kind of mold is present.


Pre and Post Testing

Pre-testing is important for determining if a mold problem is present in the first place. This can be useful for home buyers and business owners moving into a new location, providing evidence that there is mold in the environment and in need of mold removal or remediation. Post-testing is utilized to prove that after mold removal or remediation has occurred that the problem is fixed and can be used as a certification for homeowners or contractors to prove the job was adequately done.


Using Self-test Kits

You may be tempted to take the easy way out and use a home mold test kid, yet these systems are highly inaccurate and not recommended by us. These kits are often expired past their shelf life and are sometimes contaminated before they are even used. These kits are also likely to demonstrate false negatives or false positives, further muddling the situation when you just want to know what is really going on. The best way to avoid all of this is to hire professionals to come and do a proper mold testing.


When to Test

The key to preventing uncontrolled mold growth in your home or business is to know when to test for mold. If you notice a musty odor inside of your home, it is highly probable that mold is growing somewhere and this is a good sign you need to have a mold test. Visual indicators include black, green, blue or white fluffy growths appearing in splotches on walls or surfaces. Unexplained coughing is another good sign that mold is present in the air.

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