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Mold Inspecting

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If you find yourself buying a new home or suspect the home you are in has been damaged by water, you should consider having a professional come out to do a mold inspection. If you can see mold on the surface, you can rest assured that it has penetrated into other materials and could very well be spreading uncontrollably inside of the walls of your home. You should always keep a look out for the tell-tale signs of mold, and if you happen to spot some the best course of action is to have a full mold inspection.


Water Damage

If you experienced a heavy rain and your basement flooded or your roof has leaked, or busted pipes have spewed water into floorboards and carpets, you can bet your bottom dollar that mold is going to thrive in these environments. It only takes a couple of days for the problem to quickly escalate into a full-blown mold issue. There is only so much a home or business owner can do in these circumstances, especially if you are dealing with a multilevel home where water can penetrate into layers inaccessible to most people.


Purchasing a new home

Home sellers and real estate agents may conceal a history of water damage in the hopes of making an easy sale. It is incumbent upon the new home buyer to look out for this and hire professionals to do a full mold inspection of any new home they may be purchasing. Our expert mold removal service utilizes moisture meters and experienced methods to seek out areas where you wouldn’t suspect water damage to be, such us under floor boards or inside of dry walls. With a full mold inspection you can be in a better position to negotiate a better price.


After mold remediation

If you have already purchased a mold remediation service to deal with extensive water damaged mold problems it may be in your best interest to have a regular mold inspection to make sure everything is up to par and the problem doesn’t reappear in places that you don’t expect it to. Sometimes the problem can migrate to other areas unbeknownst to the home or business owner, making a mold inspection the best course of action to prevent further damage from surprising you when least expected.



It is often the case that a home or business owner can notice the tell-tale signs of mold growing on surfaces due to the presence of green, blue, white or black spores growing on the surfaces inside of the structure. Where most people make mistakes is that they think a quick wipe with some bleach or vinegar will eliminate the problem; don’t fall into this trap, for it is almost certainly growing deeper and in other areas where you would least expect it. The only way to make sure that you have fully identified all the locations where mold can be growing is to schedule a full mold inspection.

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