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Commercial Mold Removal & Remediation

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The process for removing a mold problem from a commercial business is a bit more complicated than doing it inside of a private home. It is often the case that employees are still operating inside of the building and so it is unfeasible that the entire area be shut down. Since we understand that time is money, our professional commercial mold removal and remediation specialists are expertly trained to quickly and efficiently close off affected areas and get the work done in a timely manner in the most beneficial time of the day so as to reduce or eliminate any unnecessary closure.


Mold and health of employees

We understand how delicate the situation is when mold is discovered inside of the workplace. Mold is a scary thing and when employees or co-workers learn that there is mold inside, it very often will manifest into some forms of panic. When they arrive to work and see loads of plastic sheeting and whole areas cordoned off, there may suddenly be a host of problems that are real or imagined as a result of the mold problem. This is why it is beneficial to get the job done quickly and to hire our professional commercial mold removal company for any problems you may have in the Charlotte, NC area.


Commercial Mold Removal Process

The commercial mold removal and remediation process is similar to what takes place inside of a private residential home but has some key differences, namely that the work needs to be done quickly and as discreetly as possible. We have developed techniques to close off air ducts and cordon off affected areas in a speedy fashion, ensuring that the work doesn’t bother any employees or co-workers that may be present in the work zones. Because these work zones can be complex, we are specifically trained and highly experienced in operating around these delicate areas.



Everyone deserves to work in a safe and clean environment, which is why Charlotte Mold Removal Services is here for commercial businesses in the Charlotte, NC area. We are dedicated to safely and effectively sanitizing the areas affected by mold, be they sensitive computer servers or delicate medical equipment in storage. We will put our expertise to the job and will ensure that all surfaces are sanitary and free from dangerous molds.


Water Damage in Commercial Businesses

This is a common occurrence and one of the main calls we get to businesses. Leaky rooftops tend to be the majority of the problem, creating horrendous mold infestations in the dark and poorly ventilated ceiling areas above the heads of your co-workers. This is why it is imperative that the moment you see discoloration of ceiling tiles or moist spots on the carpet and no explanation as to how they got there, you give us a call and allow our mold removal and remediation experts to come out and solve the problem before it gets out of hand.

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